Children Are A Gift

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.
— Psalm 127:3

Our children bring us so much joy!  The smile that glows when they accomplish a new task or succeed in their favorite activity, our children can take us away from "reality" for just a while and bring happiness and reward to our hearts.  Even the hard part of being responsible for kids can come with reward as we must learn to lean into God during the difficult times.  With God as our guide children can teach us so much.  Through every up and down in the life of parenting God teaches us and grows us through the experiences we have with our children.  They are truly a gift!  And we don't have to have children to get this reward........God has placed children in all of our lives.  The reward isn't necessarily that they are ours but that he has placed them in our story to make a difference in our life and theirs.


Be thankful for the children in your life this Thanksgiving season.  Be open to learn why God has placed them close to you.