His Word Endures Forever

All human life on the earth is like grass, and all human glory is like a flower in a field. The grass dries up and its flower falls off, but the Lord’s word endures forever.[b]
— 1 Peter 1:24

Let us give all thanks and praise today to God for His Word. If you've ever received a love letter, you know the joy that swells up in your heart as you read it. Your spirit puffs up, your joy is renewed, and your heart overflows with love from and for the letter's author. The Bible is God's letter of love to us. It is filled with messages of his faithfulness, love and sovereignty. His letter to us provides the truth of Jesus's life, death and resurrection. Within his word we find among many others, the gifts of forgiveness, grace, and eternal life through the blood of Jesus. Indeed, we are blessed to have the Word of God in written form as our guide to daily living.

We are blessed to be living in America where we have the gift of God's word in print to read and study. We are blessed to live in a country where we have the ability to openly gather in study and prayer, praise and worship, fellowship and freedom. Yes, we are blessed to live in America.

We are blessed because the Word of our God will last forever! Material possessions will break, rust, and fade away. People will come and go, relationships will ebb and flow, and the seasons will continue to arrive and depart, but PRAISE GOD BECAUSE HIS WORD WILL LAST FOREVER!

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