I Will Seek

My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face Lord, I will seek.
— Psalm 27:8

Oh how I love the psalms of David. He is full of raw emotion sharing his good, bad, and ugly moments. He praises and rejoices in the Lord one minute and cries and expresses loneliness the next. I believe the turmoil he felt at times is what formed his relationship with our Lord. The emotional pain must have been exhausting for David and yet he still found the beauty and realized the necessity in spending time alone with God. In his writings, David admits he was lonely, scared, tired, and sad. Yet he chose to “Seek His face!” anyway. His loneliness and misery caused him to spend time alone in the presence of Jesus. This is BEAUTIFUL! We are never truly alone, EVER! When we Seek His face we are dwelling in the house of the Lord! Until we get to our permanent home, it’s essential that we make time to seek Him. We must use the times of stress and discomfort to lean in closer to our Father and remember to praise him for the blessings as well.

Dear Lord, life on earth can be exhausting! Help us to simply talk with you and trust you. Replenish our spirits and fill our lives and homes with joy, love, and peace. Guide us to others in need and help us to take the focus off ourselves without running ourselves ragged. Jesus, help us to seek you each day and allow your Holy Spirit to lead us. Remind us that you are not only our Savior, but our best friend! Help us to focus on your face throughout our day and remind us anything is possible for those who believe! Amen