Better Than Life Itself


Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you! -Psalm 63:3

Is this statement true in our personal lives? Is God’s love enough even when the walls around us are tumbling down? Is God’s love enough when we’ve just had an ugly argument with our spouse? Is God’s love enough after we’ve lost someone so very dear to us? Is God’s love enough when our children spew ugly words at us? Is God’s love enough when our friends abandon us? Is God’s love better than the sins we partake in?

Often we are desperate to accept God’s love when we are hurting, but what about when things are going well for us? Is His love most important, better than the worldly possessions we own, the great job we have, the money we spend, the vacations we go on? When life is right are we still depending on God’s love to sustain us? Is His love better than life itself?

I have to ask myself. Where am I? Have I gotten to the point of resting in God’s love? Have I grown enough to repeat this scripture and mean it? Do I really know what God’s love feels like to the point that it trumps life itself? Can I say experiencing God is the best day ever, every day of my life, good or bad?

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