Just Be Quiet

On any given day my mind runs aflutter with ideas, lessons I’m learning, and situations where I’ve seen the hand of God.

Photo by  Kristina Flour  on  Unsplash

But I prayed asking, “God, what will you have me share with the readers? What do they need to hear from you?”

Absolute silence.

“Again I asked, God, what do you want me to share?”

Repeated silence. I lingered longer. Words swelled up in my mind but were brought to an abrupt halt.

For the third time I asked, “What is it, God? Why aren’t you telling me what to say to them? Don’t you want me to blog?” I waited.

And then it came, “Tell them to just be quiet. Ask them to just come to me and be still. Cease using words so that I can work. Stop striving, stop fighting, stop fixing and just be quiet.”

Do you know how to be still before the Lord? Do you talk to him and never stop to listen? Is your life too busy that you can’t linger longer in his presence? Do you play out scenarios, offer God advice, and wrestle with what you should be doing in a specific situation? Today, God wants you to know that you need to be quiet so he can talk. Stop fighting for answers, position, power, and your own way so that He can have his way. Just be quiet and let him be God. Enough said!

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

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