It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better


His wail sent shivers down my spine, and I knew without looking what had happened. His little hands raised to me as I turned back toward him. With tears streaming down his cheeks he cried, "I'm sorry, Gramma...It hurts. It hurts." His visible pain left my heart as raw as his tiny hand.

My sweet little grandson, Jax, had placed his hand on the hot burner. Pulling a chair up to observe, I cautioned him to put it away and step back from the stove. He listened, but only momentarily. I turned my back in order to place the hot pan aside, In that instant,  he reached up, grabbed the edge of the stove, and climbed back on his chair. 

I scooped Jax up, consoling him as we cried together. I hurried him to the doctor where I was informed that "It will get worse before it gets better." The first 24 hours would tell the doctor more about the extent of the wound. The doctor noted that at his return visit they would determine if there was a need to reopen the wound to help it heal. I inquired further. The doctor stated that she may have to look under the surface of the blister to see what was really going on in the wound within the most tender part of the wound in order to bring healing. The words she spoke, "It will get worse before it gets better" echoed in my spirit. 

I pondered the words all evening. Then, it finally dawned on me that the healing that so many of us need won't come until we allow God to get down below the surface. We hide our hurts, mask our our pain, and cover our wounds to avoid dealing with what's below the surface. But, like the skilled hand of a doctor, God's Word needs to get into the depths of our wounds to bring healing. Yet, the problem is that in order for this healing to come, He must touch the tenderest, most damaged areas of our souls. He wants to unearth the shame, pride, rejection, and host of other infections hidden beneath the surface. If we want true healing, we must allow Jesus to penetrate our wounded hearts. Be warned, "It will get worse before it gets better." The pain of dealing with our hurts can bring us to our knees even more so than the initial jolt. We reopen the wound so that God's healing balm of love and grace can touch our souls where they are most tender.

I don't know your hurts, but I've learned that it doesn't matter who hurt you, what caused it, or how long it's been there- hurt hurts! Regardless of how the pain arrived, if you will open your hurting heart to counseling and the reading of His Word, healing will come. He is the great physician and in His perfect love, he may have to allow a little more pain to make you whole. Will you open your heart to him today?

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