Maintain Your Peace!

Turn away from evil and do good.  Search for peace and work to maintain it.     -1 Peter 3:11

Maintaining peace is speaking life to yourself and your situation.  Keeping peace takes work!  It won’t just stick around if we aren’t continually seeking it through prayer, our actions and reading the Bible, or constantly handing over our problems and trusting God on a momentary basis.  

It’s true, God’s peace surpasses anything the world can offer, but we have to be working to maintain it in our daily lives.  Keeping peace with others and within means we have to stay connected to Jesus and carry his promises with us everywhere.  We must obey Him, mirror His character and keep our faith.  Peace won’t come without some dedication and sacrifice on our part.  We must let go of our natural fears and we must take hold of a positive attitude that comes from our deep trust in God.  So the next time you are really seeking peace in your life, remember that God is most capable of giving you His peace but take responsibility and do your part to work at keeping that peace.

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