I have told you this so that you will have peace by being united to me.  The world will make you suffer.  But be brave!  I have defeated the world!     -John 16:33


God’s peace doesn’t just come from a prayer.  The peace that God gives us is so very different than the peace that the world knows and understands.  His peace comes in hard times, finding strength we didn’t know we had and calmness when everything around us is in turmoil.  His peace fills us, helps us stand and walk, because the problems surrounding us would stop us dead in our tracks if we let our minds wander.  God’s peace only comes from being united with Him.

When two people are united they are joined together for a common purpose or by common feelings.  Being united with Jesus we must think like Him, act like Him and trust in Him.  The only way to do this is to know Him intimately.  We must know His promises when we face the uncertainty of our situations so that we can move forward trusting in Him. We must know His character when we make a bad choice so we can be at peace knowing His mercy finds us in our darkest moments.  We must know His commands in order to have peace over the hard decisions we face.  Being united with Jesus is our peace.  It gives us confidence and the strength to endure hard circumstances.  His peace doesn’t take away the suffering or the hurt but it calms our spirit and gives us the ability to keep going.  So be brave!  Get to know Jesus!  Become united with Him and find that peace you have been searching for! 

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