Feeling Lost in the Crowd?

Photo by  Leio McLaren  on  Unsplash

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

The humidity was high, the day's temperature was at its peak, and yet, they came in droves. What brought them out to the ballpark in such conditions? Family Feast Night of course! Hot dogs, pizza slices, and sodas for a dollar! Who wouldn't come? The turnout at the local minor league baseball game was just over 6,100 individuals.

Normally I'm not a numbers kind of gal, but as I stood waiting in the truly unending concession line that night I couldn't help but notice how many people were in attendance . Though the line was moving forward (at a snail's pace), the end of the line never shortened. As I turned to my daughter our conversation went like this:

 I can't believe how many people are here tonight.

I know, right? Short ones, tall ones, tattooed ones, pink-haired ones, children. I'm amazed at all the combinations God can come up with!

I can't help but think that God knows the name of every person here. He knows their eye color, the number of hairs on their heads, and what tomorrow will bring for them. When I get in a crowd, I am so overwhelmed by His awesomeness. Yet, even with so many children, He loves each one so intimately!

Yeah, but how many of them don't even know he exists? (sigh)

As a child I remember singing the song entitled He's Got the Whole World in His Hands during our Sunday School hour and often it ran through my mind throughout the days as I played. This song always brought comfort as I imagined God holding everyone I knew in his hand. It was a song of strength and safety. 

I sing this song once and awhile as an adult, but today I was overwhelmed by the enormity of His knowing. He knows us intimately. He knows us despite our hairdo changes, botox injections, and radical attempts to stay young. He knows us when we move to a new city. He knows us amidst the crowd! 

Today, if you are feeling lost in the crowd, left out, or lonely, God wants you to know that he sees you. You are not just one in the crowd. You are HIS child. You are loved!

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30

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