You Are What You Think


You've heard it said, "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all!" And, what a great principle to live by. Your words are very powerful either positively or negatively. The effects of your words can be far-reaching, so you must choose them wisely. But what about your thoughts? Is it ok to think unkind things about another person as long as you don't say them? 

Proverbs 23:7 tells us this, "For as he thinks in his heart, so he is." This proverb, or word of wisdom, means that your thoughts determine how you act. Sure, you can do nice things for someone even when you're thoughts are negative, but you will not be acting in love. Your thoughts will harm not only you but also the person you are thinking about.

It is virtually impossible to think unkind thoughts about someone and treat them lovingly. Your thoughts dictate how you behave. They determine your attitude. And your thoughts credit or discredit the authenticity of your actions. So, be careful what you think for soon it will become how you act!

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