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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I hear it in my head every so often. It's subtle, yet beckons until I hear it clearly.  Whispering to me-  threatening my heart to shrink in fear from the images it conjures up in my mind. I have rebuked it time and again. I have replaced its ridiculous nagging with God's Word of truth until it no longer has power over my mind. And still, it returns attempting to steal my joy, push me backwards 3 steps when I've gone ahead 2 in this walk of faith, and attempts to fill me with fear of what isn't even a reality. It is powerful, but it is not the most powerful. It is the subtle voice of condemnation. It tells me I'm no good, I've gone too far, or I've messed up too much and too often. Condemnation threatens my security as a child of God. And condemnation is a lie!

Condemnation is a tactic of the enemy. It is the tiniest of thoughts placed in our minds to tell us we're not good enough, remind us of our past mistakes, and threatens a hopeless future because of them. Condemnation makes us feel defeated. Condemnation breaks our spirit; It tears us down and screams we are worthless, a failure. Condemnation’s goal is to keep us in a pit of guilt and shame!

Conviction on the other hand, is God's discipline. Conviction is an awareness of our error that leads to repentance and reconciliation; It breaks our hearts for the purpose of correction and turning back to God's will and God's ways. It strengthens our spirit. Conviction is gentle and has no shame attached to it. It is the Holy Spirit’s gentle awakening call to turn from our sin because of God’s deep love for us.

Scripture tells us the condemnation is not from God:
"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus " Romans 8:1

Dear Friend,
I don't know where you've traveled, what sights you've seen, or what mistakes you've made, but I do know that if you have given your life to Jesus Christ, you will never- NO, NOT EVER, be condemned by your Father. He has redeemed you by the blood of Jesus and nothing can ever change that! When you hear his call, do not shy away or run in fear. Rather lean into his love and grace!

Dear Lord,
When the voice of the accuser comes, threatening us to give up or give in, strengthen us to hear your small voice over the lies of the enemy. Enable us, through your spirit, to bring your scripture to mind, thus rebuking the lies and replacing them with truths. We praise you LORD, that you do not condemn us, but forgive us and love us instead.
In Christ's Name,

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