One Choice Away

Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God, or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. -Romans 1:21

I knew a girl who went away to college. She knew about Jesus Christ and how He died to forgive her sins. She attended church and was proud of her faith. She began to meet new people and she saw new things and ways of life. Her new friends lived differently from her and were raised miles apart. They had different ideas of faith and living. Soon she was skipping church and finding herself believing differently. What she once knew to be truth about things, now began to confuse her. Instead of finding truth in the Bible, she trusted in her new friends. Instead of standing firm on what she knew, she compromised her faith and soon began thinking like them and acting like them. She found herself defending their lifestyle and truly believing in the lies that began to take root in her life.

Friends, we all know on or more people just like my friend. Some of us may be living our life, just like that college girl, compromising our faith for a little fun and believing in Satan’s lies. Others of us may have a child living out this scenario or a spouse or a friend. We are all only one or two choices away from being in the dark. Let us pray for these lives and those we love who are caught believing lies. Let us drop to our knees in the hopes of lifting those we love to the God who loves them and won’t ever give up on them. Pray for God to show them truth so big and boldly that they cannot deny it!

Fortunately I returned home to friends and family who didn’t give up on me. God chased me down and welcomed me back into his arms where He reminded me of His great love and truth. My prayer is that you and the people in your life can find your way back too. Be on alert! Pay attention to the choices you are making and seek truth from the God of Truth! If you find yourself questioning things, find answers in the Bible and ask God to show you. Don’t compromise truth for lies. Make sure your truth is from the Bible.

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